Types of Sod

Woerner Landscape takes pride in providing the best quality turf grasses available.

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Woerner's Classic St. Augustine

Woerner's Classic St. Augustine is a true “Southern Style” grass with wide blades and a beautiful green color, is more cold tolerant than other varieties of St. Augustine, and it performs well in shade. Simply put, Woerner's Classic is the best variety of St. Augustine on the market.

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TifTuf™ Certified Bermuda

TifTuf™ is the newest release from the world-renowned Tifton Campus at the University of Georgia. TifTuf™ a superior grass due to its high traffic tolerance, rapid establishment & cover capability, cold/drought tolerance, and ability to achieve Spring green-up faster than other Bermuda grasses.

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Palisades Zoysia

Palisades Zoysia is the most popular grass on the market today. Palisades is best known for its superior drought tolerance & shade tolerance. Due to its impressive low maintenance characteristics, it's an excellent choice for home lawns, commercial projects, & golf courses.

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Emerald Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia is a hybrid variety offering a dark emerald green color & finer blade texture. It has a low growth habit, which requires less mowing. It stands up well to foot traffic & has better cold tolerance than Centipede & St. Augustine. It's a proven winner in the Gulf Coast region.

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Centipede has long been one of if not the most commonly used turf grasses along the Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana Gulf Coast. It is  very durable & is fairly low maintenance compared to most other grasses.

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CitraBlue St. Augustine

Like most St. Augustine grasses, CitraBlue is coarse-textured grass, but a distinguishing feature of CitraBlue is its longer and wider leaf blades. This dark-green cultivar grows rapidly in both spring and summer.

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90/10 Fescue Blend

The most drought resistant sod available. Once established, Fescue is proven to require less water due to its ability to grow an extensive, deep root system tapping into deeper water sources. The addition of newer Fescue and Texas Hybrid varieties in our blend means that 90/10 Fescue has the ability to spread and “fill in”, and repair itself similar to bluegrass.

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4-way Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

A unique blend using 4 of the highest quality Kentucky Bluegrasses available. By blending these quality bluegrasses we have created a superior sod well suited for our region and climate. Our unique blend gives an outstanding combination of important characteristics that are essential for a high quality bluegrass.

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Woerner Landscape provides Centipede seed from Century Seed, which has proven itself to be the best all around lawn grass for most sections of the South, particularly the Southeast. Century Seed Centipede seed is also available raw and in bulk.

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