Turf Tuesday

Turf Tuesday

It’s Turf Tuesday y’all and it’s a special edition: Turf Tuesday Testimonial!

We are blessed to have the best #customers in the world and today we are shining a spotlight on New Land Lawn Care and our interview with customer Chuck Beverly! We appreciate having Chuck and all of our customers a part of the #Woerner #Family! #FarmingSince1915 #WoernerFarms

Palisades Zoysia is my favorite sod of choice in my landscape projects and all other sods on the market are pale by comparison. I have been landscaping for over a dozen years and I have found that Woerner Palisades Zoysia is competitively priced and in the long run provides a great value as an investment because it is so low maintenance. Palisades resists weeds, looks more attractive, performs well in shade, low water requirements and roots quickly after install. My customers love the Woerner Palisades Zoysia.“

Chuck Beverly

New Land Lawn Care