Pine Straw

Sold in Bales

Only available in Bales

  • Approximate Coverage Area: 40 sq. ft.
  • Dimension of Bales: 18 x 18 x 32 in.
  • Approximate Dry Weight: 25 lb.

Pine Straw Benefits

  • 1) Spreading pine straw mulch is easy - and fast.  It is relatively light and it comes in bales, which can be carried to the bed where it is needed. To spread the mulch, cut the two cords binding it, and then start grabbing handfuls of the pine straw and shaking it where you want to distribute it so that it falls naturally into place.
  • 2) Pine straw mulch seems more eco-friendly. Since it comes in bales, there are no plastic bags to decompose in a landfill. It also comes by its coloring naturally. The color will change over time and get a bit darker and redder after a rain, lighter with sunshine and age, and looks beautiful in all its many shades. 
  • 3) Cost and coverage - Pine straw mulch is significantly less expensive (say from 50% to 85% less expensive), much easier and faster to spread on your beds, incredibly easy to store inside your garage or shed if rains threaten. 
  • 4) Pine straw looks good. This is purely subjective, but pine straw mulch can look nicer than bark and wood mulches. Pine straw looks soft and natural. The plants look better against the mulch - it provides a uniform background against which they really pop and seem brighter, greener and more vibrant.
  • 5) Pine straw is easy to rearrange. If it becomes necessary, pine straw can be pushed back mulch from certain parts of the bed to sow the seeds or add a new perennial, then moved back into place. Just as the pine straw mulch is easy to initially distribute, it seems incredibly easy to rearrange as needed.

Our friendly Woerner Landscape Source employees will even help you load your vehicle!

Pine Straw

Pine straw helps provide favorable growing conditions and stimulates healthy plant development.

  • Insulates roots by keeping the soil warm during cold spells and cool during warm spells
  • Conserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation rates
  • Encourages water infiltration into the soil
  • Eliminates erosion caused by wind and rain splash
  • Protects against soil compaction by reducing the rain impact directly on the surface
  • Promotes healthy root growth

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