Century Centipede Grass Seed

The best quality centipede grass seed on the market today.

Century Seed has been producing top-quality centipede grass seed since 1987. Today, Century Seed is proud to introduce a complete line of centipede seed products to cover all applications. Century Seed triple cleans, packages, markets, and ships all of its seed to guarantee the best quality centipede products on the market today. The seed are now available with Century Seed's special Bio-Kote coating, enhanced with the systemic fungicide Apron® XL. The noncoated seed are also enhanced with Apron® XL, and all seed are Bermuda and noxious weed-free. Century Seed's packaging has been improved to make handling easier and more convenient. The new, clear, weatherproof PVC containers come with shaker-top lids for ease application.

Centipede seed originated in China a century ago, brought to the U.S., now brought to you by Century Seed, a member of the Southern Seed Association. Centipede has proven itself to be the best all around lawn grass for most sections of the South... particularly the Southeast. In essence, Century Seed Century™ Centipede Seed with Bio-Kote is The Centipede Grass Seed... from the Far East to the Southeast. Century Seed Century™ Centipede Seed is produced by Woerner Farms™, an industry leader in turf grass production for generations. All Centipede sod grown on Woerner Farms™ is grown from Century Seed Century™ Centipede Seed with Bio-Kote. Centipede seed is also available raw and in bulk.

Century Centipede Grass Seed

Centipede Planting Rates

Plant no less than one-fourth (1/4) pound per 1,000 square feet. One pound of seed covers 2,000 to 4,000 square feet and often produces a good lawn in two to three months of summer growth - We recommend planting 1/2 lb. per 1000 sq. feet for best results. Centipede is slow to establish, so patience is required.

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