Pool Coping/Stair Bullnose

Pool Coping/Stair Bullnose

The Coping Stone is designed to complement any concrete pave stone pedestrian application. It can be used for pool coping, step treads and decorative patio borders. It allows the designer consistency in the paver pavement’s visual edge. This consistency will provide confidence that the edge profile will parallel with the finished project paving surface.


Edging • Front Entrance • Garden Pathway • Gazebo Patio • Golf Facility • Municipal Area • Park • Patio • Pedestrian Mall • Pool Deck • Porch • Steps


Coping Stone is made from a "no slump" concrete mix. Made under extreme pressure and high frequency vibrations, Coping Stone has a compressive strength greater than 8000psi, a water absorption maximum of 5% and will meet or exceed ASTM C-936.


  • 1. Clean concrete bond beam or concrete slab surfaces to be free of dirt, oils or other contaminant’s prior to placement of bedding material for the Coping Stone.
  • 2. Coping Stone is placed on a setting bed over a prepared sub-base, concrete bond beam or concrete slab. Use of sand, bitumen, mortar and adhesive are applicable as bedding agents.
  • 3. Place Coping Stone as per plans and drawings. Joints may be filled with sand or mortar. Take care to remove mortar on top surfaces of Coping Stone prior to mortar the joint material setting up. Rake joints to required depth. Do use acid based cleaners.
  • 4. Coping units shall be level from unit to unit. Pool coping applications may require a sealant between the paving joints and adjacent pool deck pavement materials.
Pool Coping/Stair Bullnose

Pool Coping/Stair Bullnose - (60mm)

Available Colors: Buff Charcoal, Silvershell Blend

Nominal Dimensions: 3.5" x 9"

Height/Thickness: 60mm = 2 3/8" *

Sq. Ft./Pallet: 66

Pieces/Pallet: 300

Approx. Wt./Pallet: 1,876 lbs.

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