Grasstone I, made with an open-void, interlocking lattice design, creates a flat surface for intermittent paver applications. The open void allows for on-site infiltration of storm water and vegetation. Designs can use topsoil and grass or aggregates in the grid openings depending upon desired effect. This concrete grid paver reinforces grassy areas that are subject to wheeled or vehicular traffic. Typically an area that undergoes repeat vehicular traffic will become so compacted that the permeability of the soil structure is inhibited to the point that the grass is unable to survive. Because the Grasstone I paver enables traffic to drive through areas designated as greenspace, it is a good product for vehicular paths that maintain vegetation such as emergency access routes and overflow parking.


Courtyard • Driveway • Emergency Vehicle Access Route • Erosion Control • Fire Lane • Municipal Area • Overflow Parking • Park • Patio • Pedestrian Mall • Permeable Pavers • School Campus • Slope Stabilization


Unsuitable, unstable or unconsolidated subgrade material shall be excavated according to the direction of the site Engineer/Architect/Landscape Architect. Existing subgrades shall be compacted. Backfill with minimum 8 inches (120mm) to 12 inches (305mm) or as otherwise directed by the above noted Site Authorities with a compacted, dense, graded aggregate. The Grasstone I units are placed on a thin, compacted layer of minimum 1/2 inch (13mm) to a maximum of 1 inch (25.4mm) of sand. Use of vibratory compactors requires protective mats or plywood sheets to minimize cracking of units. Average installed joint size for unit to unit spacing shall be 3/16" (5mm).

Erosion Control applications require the slope to be graded uniformly (to a 3:1 or more gentle slope) maximum.

In order to support grass or plant growth, the voids must be filled flush to 2 to 3 inches above their surface with suitable topsoil or mixture of soil and fertilizer. The openings are typically seeded, sprigged or sodded.


Grasstone I (100mm)

Available Color: Pewter

Nominal Dimensions: 11" x 22 1/6"

Height/Thickness: 100mm = 3 15/16" *

Sq. Ft./Pallet: 81

Pieces/Pallet: 48

Approx. Wt./Pallet: 2,418 lbs.

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