Information About Applying Lime to Your Lawn

If you want to create the foundation for a healthy, green lawn, establishing and maintaining proper soil pH is the key.

Naturally, the soils found in the Panhandle of Florida are predominantly acidic.  This reduces the effectiveness of any fertilizers that are applied to the lawn.  To see if your lawn falls in the acidic category, we recommend performing a soil test.  Once the test comes back, if it shows that your lawn's pH is below 7.0 (neutral), then it is considered acidic.

When do you need an application of Lime? A pH below 6.0 actually prohibits plant growth nutrients in the soil from reaching the plant.  If your lawn has bare spots, excessive weeds, has trouble recovering from stress, or your grass isn't as green as you would like it to be, you probably needs to consider applying an application of Lime to your lawn.  Lime can be applied to a lawn any time of year as long as the soil isn't frozen.

We recommend using Andersons DG Lime.  DG Lime is a dispersing granule formula that provides calcium and magnesium, two essential nutrients for plant growth, to the soil.  It allows for optimum pH levels, and neutralizes acidic soils.  Andersons DG Lime is pelletized for easy application, and will give your lawn that greener and healthier look you want.

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Information About Applying Lime to Your Lawn