Use our naturally vitamin and mineral enriched topsoil as a base for your new sod project, or to improve the overall quality of your existing soil.

Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil and as the highest concentration of organic material and microorganisms. It is also where plants concentrate their roots and obtain most of their nutrients essential to the success of both commercial and residential landscaping as well as agricultural growth.

This dark brown soil is ideal for landscaping, top dressing your lawn, laying sod, general planting, & creating proper surface grading near residential homes.

Good topsoil allows water to drain easily, but it holds water long enough for roots to use it. Unlike clay or rocky sub-soils, its texture allows easy penetration by plant roots. Plants generally concentrate their roots in and obtain most of their vital nutrients from this layer.

Homeowners who are setting up their yards with sod or planting grass seed need to make sure they have a topsoil mixture that will allow the roots to be secured quickly, enabling the seeds to sprout and grow without trouble. Woerner Landscape carries a rich black, clean top soil used for gardens and plantings.


Popular Uses for Topsoil

  • Improving your general soil quality
  • Using topsoil as a base for your new sod when re-sodding
  • Helps your new grass develop a good root base when grass seeding
  • Use before laying down fertilizer for athletic fields

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