All-Purpose Sand

One of the most popular features in landscaping on residential properties is paver applications. Installing pavers would be near to impossible without the sand base. The two main contributions to sand when installing pavers is providing stability to the pavers to stay in place and the other is for levelling purposes. The most recommended sand type for paver installation is coarse sand. Coarse sand is much easier to work with then any other sand type.

Nursery Sand

Nursery sand is used for planting and re-potting specific plants, trees and shrubs that require some amount of sand mixture. Nursery sand is mixed with fertilizers and peat moss for specific plantation types.

Top Dressing

Top Dressing a lawn with sand will improve drainage, soften the lawn surface, and stimulate growth in areas of underdeveloped turf.

Sand Applications

  • Installing Pavers
  • Masonry Sand
  • Play Sand
  • Fill Sand

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